My initial thoughts on building a Full Stack JS application

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Hi, been a while? I know right! … Well straight to the point. The reason why i’ve been offline and have not been documenting my journey as a Software Dev consistently is because I’ve been really busy building a Full Stack JS application.

JS is really weird, like really weird especially if you’ve come from C#. The reason why I say that is because of the notion weakly typed. I mean there’s nothing wrong with it but it’s just a little weird.

Anyway on to the positives… I think JS is awesome! You can really master this language and write extensive, feature-rich end-to-end applications. That means you can write JS on the front-end as well as the back-end.

That advantage alone makes it really really powerful!

In my spare time I have been conducting research and developing a Full Stack JS solution (currently built on top of the browser). This solution is a forum application whereby users can post threads, start communication and like comments.

I am an avid researcher and love to research about technology. After researching about the pro’s and cons about JS i decided to write the entire API in Express JS. The front-end was a no brainer! I am using ReactJS and Redux.

I love the fluidity of JS because you can partially update the data held by a component. This means that load times are technically faster because you only partially load the important data ;) …

How totally awesome?

Initially I didn’t want to show you guys a sneak peak of what i’m building because it’s unfinished but, once done, the full project will be listed on my portfolio page. Here is a link to my portfolio page.

Here is a screenshot:

Screenshot of CoinGalore
CoinGalore forum

I mean it’s not the prettiest and neither does it show you the dashboard. The aim was to first finish the back-end and focus on the aesthetics after. This project is ongoing and will have its own domain once completed.

I will be extending this application to be fully cloud-ready. So stay tuned on future blogs!

After i’ve completed this application, I will soon after write up a blog about my journey designing the API, structuring React components and some tips about Redux.

If you liked reading this blog, please comment below i’d like to say hi to you!

If you get inspired or motivated to learn React please head over to this youtube video. Mosh Hamedani is the instructor and this guy really knows his stuff!

Build a React app for beginners

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